Meet Luci. Our Favorite New Light Source.

Hey every body, my name is Mark and I am a buyer for Latitude North Sports. A few months ago we were at a trade show, and after three days and looking at hundreds of items I came across the Luci lanterns.

It was the best new item we have found in a long time. It is practical, ecofriendly, and just plain cool. Originally built for campers and backpackers (and it does everything you could ask for those activities) we kept coming up with other uses around the house. The Luci lanterns are solar powered inflatable lanterns. They are water proof, they float – yup you can put them in your pool, hot tub or let the kids play with them in the bath tub.

The lanterns collapse for minimal storage space. When fully charged they will operate on the “HIGH” setting for 12 hours. If they are fully charged you can deflate them and put them in a drawer (no sunlight) for 6 months – take them out and they will work for 6 hours. I ask my customers “how many flash lights do you have at home? More importantly how many work?” With no need for batteries, this is a perfect emergency light source when the power goes out. Most of the models have “flashing” setting. I put one in each car, so if my kids have a breakdown, they can put the “flashing” light in the back window.

We have used it as a night light in the house when guests were in town (so they didn’t have to stumble around in the dark). It runs all night, in the morning we just place it in a window. The Aura model, has 7 color options as well as white and works great for this use. It even sets the mood while sitting on our back patio. Try one out. We have fallen in love with them, and hope you will too.
Thanks for listening.