Product Spotlight: Woolrich Clothing – Keeping Folks Warm Since 1830.

Our team loves to test and support the brands that we sell every day at Latitude North. A great example is one of the original outdoor apparel companies, Woolrich. Since the 1800’s Woolrich has created durable and comfortable clothing from cotton, wool, and down, including keeping families warm back to the Civil War era.  Woolrich is the original maker of everyone’s favorite fall top, the flannel, which is a timeless button-up since 1850. Another timeless creation from Woolrich is the Arctic Parka. These jackets were originally for workers on the Alaskan Pipeline in 1972 who were under extreme climatic conditions.

Woolrich’s founder, John Rich, started his company by building his own woolen mill in north-central Pennsylvania. He started selling his superior quality fabrics off a mule cart to loggers, miners, rivermen, and trappers. Since those original days, they have continually incorporating technological advances that have changed outdoor clothing for hunters, fisherman, hikers and anyone who loves spending time outdoors in the Fall. Despite their growth over the lad century, they retain many of the processes (and machinery) that made them who they are today.

Whether you’re a parent looking for warm clothes for your family during the Fall season, or a student who love the comfort of a great flannel shirt, Woolrich is a great company and product you can depend on.


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